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Inspiring Group Activities!

Team Building

1.) Into the Wild Scenario:

Teams go through a list of items, they will have 3 minutes to decide what items they want to bring with them into the wild (1 item per person). Once they have decided, each team will be given a box with the items. Next, teams are given a list of challenges they need to do with the items they have chosen. Sample challenges – light a fire, transport water, boil water, etc. Points are allocated based on time, teamwork and communication. (There are different difficulty levels of this module, based on the needs and objectives of the activity).

2.) Challenge Circuit:

Suitable for larger groups, this module involves multiple stations (around 10, depending on size of group) with challenges. Each team will spend X amount of time at each station and rotate at the same time. Points are allocated at each station and tallied up once all teams have completed all stations. (ring toss, frisbee, water guns, water carrying/filling, races, blowpipe, egg drop, etc.)

3.) Obstacle/Challenge/Amazing Race:

Teams work their way through a series of challenges and obstacles as fast as they can. Points are allocated by time and teamwork. (mirror dancing, blowpipe, egg drop, ring toss, frisbee, water carrying/filling, etc.)

4.) Fountain of Youth:
Each team carries a small bucket of water through a series of challenges and obstacles as fast as they can, without spilling the water. Points are allocated by time and amount of water left at the end.

5.) River Search & Recovery:

There has been a disaster and relief aid has been dropped off, but it went off course due to the wind and ended up in the river. Teams must send one member per time with a rope attached to find and retrieve the items (1 item per trip). Items retrieved are then opened and used to complete additional challenges.

6.) Flying Airdrop:

Each team member takes turns flying down the zip line armed with plastic balls. The rest of the team carries baskets and has to catch as many plastic balls as they can. Points are allocated by number of balls caught.

7.) Lumberjack & Farmer:

Teams race through a series of lumberjack and farmer based challenges and obstacles. Points are allocated by time and teamwork. (sawing through logs, log carry, wheelbarrow transport, simple structure construction, etc.)

8.) Conventional Team Building:
Participants go through exercises as a group. Learning valuable lessons about trust, leadership, teamwork and synergy. Exercises include – faith drop, the wall, the giant finger, spider web, blind rope square, etc.
*activities can be customised upon request!
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